Micro-blogging (or tumble-logging) has become pretty popular thanks to platforms like Tumblr, Jaiku, Cromple and especially Twitter. Google’s acquisition of Jaiku is also a sign that blogging is switching to what’s called micro-blogging, where each post is like a status update of what you are doing or at least shorter posts than you see on traditional blogs. What makes these blogs popular is that you no longer have to worry about the look and spelling, and most importantly content of your posts. They are not to publish content, rather, they function as a way to be updated about what your friends are doing (Tumblr might be an exception to this).

Tumblr is a simplified (idiot-proof?) blogging system, which encourages you to post media along with your posts with an easy interface. Jaiku, Cromple and Twitter, on the other hand, work similar to each other. They allow you to view an ever-changing public timeline (meaning, what all other users are doing, which gets updated any second). Jaiku and Twitter also allow you to update your status with your mobile phones through text messaging.

As for WordPress;
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I have updated the theme of my blog from Red Business to Freicurv.

Been working on a couple of customizations since yesterday night and finally got it to what I want. This theme looks a lot more sleek and leet, and the 3-column design gives more space for flexibility and stylish look. Also switched to ShareThis for a more compact look on social bookmarking. Also, now added the “Subscribe via email” button to the top right if you want to be informed when a new post is made.

Still got a couple slight customizations on the way, which should be done very soon.


WordPress 2.3 has been out for a while and I updated it a few days after the release. Today, I wanted to make a post and realized that there were a couple of changes in WordPress with the new version. So, WordPress now supports tag’ging, and tag clouds. Still lacks a couple of features UltimateTagWarrior has though but UTW isn’t fully functional for 2.3 yet.

From the Import feature found under Manage, you can import UTW tags you have been using so far to your WordPress’ new tag support. You can view a detailed explanation with visuals here. Anyway, in the meanwhile, I also realized WordPress kept giving me an error until I made a theme upgrade – rather a theme that supports 2.3. And found this pretty neat theme named Red Business, which I played around a little.

There are still some glitches on the site at the moment. Like the up ‘about me’ place which needs some text. Also, Extended Live Archives was updated by someone but it there are issues when you want to view the archive page with Internet Explorer (damn browser wars).

Anyway, the site looks neater, doesn’t it?

Wordpress censored in TurkeyLike ten days ago, I learnt that one of the leading free-blogging services WordPress.com was blocked in Turkey. Censoring certain sites in Turkey is not something new: On March 7 2007, in a court case, Turk Telekom (leading DSL provider – well, the monopoly of internet in Turkey) had to ban youtube.com with the pretext that the site included videos disrespectful to Ataturk – the founder of Turkish Republic. The ban was removed two days later (probably due to all that press/online publishing pressure).

As for the wordpress.com ban, after a few days the ban was lifted. [You can read details of this and comments to it here] However, when I wanted to check wordpress.com again, I saw it is still inaccessable. When it was first banned and it was lifted after, we learnt that the ban was again DNS based (meaning you can avoid it by using non-Turk Telekom DNS’s but the average user won’t know these) and it was a mistake: they wanted to ban thesubdomaintobebanned.wordpress.com but they instead banned the whole site.

Now, I see the ban is still in its place and also a Turkish lawyer (or whatever) sent a letter to WordPress staff.

Well, this is crap!

Ok… It has been a long break – since I last wrote stuff on my blog – for me. The main reason being my web hosting company screwed up my site while moving the whole server to a new one. The unlucky me (as usual) was out of town and could not verify whether my files were successfully moved. In short, all my files – the huge theme editing/customization I did and all images I posted are gone poof. Hopefully, I later learnt that the MySQL database was there, so at least I got all the stuff I wrote in the last one and almost a half year back.

Anyway, so I’ll be updating my blog from now on, with one major change though. I won’t be writing in Turkish as I did earlier. The main reason being I can’t be arsed to translate the whole theme to Turkish. This doesn’t mean I’ll never ever use my mother tongue, but the main language will be English (one less native-language-blog in the blogosphere, as if someone cares).

So, this is the story so far. I’ll be writing what happened in the last few months (well, slightly) in the next post. Also, I have to make some customizations to this site as well, like updating my movie review addon and so on.

So, hello world!, again.

Oriol Sanchez tarafından yapılan Qwilm! 0.3 adlı WordPress temasını Türkçe’ye çevirdim. Üç sütunlu, minimalist bir WordPress teması. Çalışması için Gravatar eklentisinin aktif olması gerekiyor. İndirmek için:

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Matteo Turchetto tarafından yapılan AndyBlue (ver 1.3) adlı WordPress temasını Türkçe’ye çevirdim. Üç sütunlu ve kullanışlı bir WordPress teması. İndirmek için:

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Yine Andreas Viklund tarafından yapılan, WP-Andreas01 (ver 1.3) adlı WordPress temasını Türkçe’ye çevirdim. Üç sütunlu, sade ve şık bir tema. İndirmek için:

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Andreas Viklund tarafından yapılan 1024px adlı WordPress temasını Türkçe’ye çevirdim. Güzel, düzenli ve sade bir tema. İndirmek için:

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Dün üşenmedim ve kullandığım temanın renkleriyle oynadım.

Önceki cicili bicili, turunculu kırmızılı halinden bu hale geldi: Artık daha ciddi, daha sade ve daha karanlık.

Ben pek beğendim. Nasıl olmuş?

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