I haven’t posted anything for a while. Partly because I have been busy and also because I have been slacking on quite a lot of things.

The semester has ended like a month ago, this means I’ll start writing my dissertation in the coming academic year.  For the first time in my university career, I received a GPA of 4, which is great news. Also, I started to take intensive French courses from the summer school but I think I have made a mistake, as I don’t have much energy left to study at home after 5 hours of French everyday.  And the other stuff that I have to do and the hot weather doesn’t really help. C’est difficile!

Other than that, I quit smoking last Saturday. So, it has been a week. I have handled it quite well with few nicotine deficiency attacks (or whatever they are called), and I’m pretty well at the moment.

Anyway, off to studying French now so that I can go out tonight.

Body without Organs

My room is a mess. I’ve found a small screwdriver somewhere near my desktop computer, and I put it between the pages of A Thousand Plateaus.

It was only after I put the screwdriver, I realized the significance. I shouldn’t do think of significances though.

It was a real fast weekend… ish.

I and a friend got into some quite tough job (we’re not complaining but just saying that it’s tough) and in the meanwhile we got to know the great (!) person Shirley from Institute of Network Cultures and some other MA students and other people – Minka, Mariska (or the girl with funny gestures – the description I had in my mind until I finally understood the real name in a less noisy place), Roos, Derek – I am not sure about the spelling and the pronunciation of their names but this was how I called them during the time I was with them.

As a sidenote, people REALLY should make programs of things properly, so you don’t miss things like Processing workshops.

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At any rate, on Sunday (postponed from Tuesday to Sunday, can you believe that?) I met with the friend with whom I am going to make a presentation on Deleuze and Guattari’s “November 28, 1947: How do you make yourself a body without organs” from A Thousand Plateaus. It’s pretty fun text and all. [I could put the Dogon Egg image but I like this rhizomes one better]. Anyway, we spent almost 7 hours reading paragraph by paragraph, or I should say, word by word – spending like half an hour on some of the paragraphs to discuss. It was a very useful way of reading a text to be honest (I should do it more often). But nonstop 7 hours is quite a lot for me. But anyway; we thought that doing the presentation the way we did the reading (gotta shrink it of course) would be fun.

Including the one tomorrow, I have two presentations to make, a seminar to be done early next week, and a couple of stuff to write in like five days. Not that it’s undoable or tiring – I would prefer some air.

One of my instructors was abroad for two weeks (that was a month ago) and we had make up courses for three weeks. Three more hours for the course, every week. Sleeping a total of ten hours in three days, trying to read 200 pages (a week) of contemporary philosophy for a single course.  I am not complaining, pushing your limits is a good way to see what you can actually do if you have to.

I have also been making up for the non-consumed alcohol and cigarettes.  For some reason, I am very much into alcohol abuse, ah, and also cigarette abuse if there is such a thing. There are quite a lot of things I abuse actually. Maybe, not abuse but things that I exceed my limits.

And this post is written just to mark this day, for those who understand what I actually mean here.

Procrastination Loop

A friend of mine has sent this to me, and I was like “oh my god, this is me!” Well, procrastinators look alike.

For the course Image, Time and Motion II, instructed by Andreas Treske, we will be having seminars until the end of the semester. In this course related to new media, I will be doing my seminar on blogging. So, apart from academic papers and the previous thoughts I have, I thought it would be good and useful to collect raw data from bloggers and blog readers.

The first one is intended for bloggers (people who write). Please find the survey here.

The second one is intended for both bloggers and those who read blogs. Please find this one here, and please fill both if you are a blogger.

Please try to be as sincere as possible. Thanks for your patience and collaboration.

Jimmy Wales - Wikipedia

US Ankara, Turkey Embassy held a teleconference with Jimmy WalesWikipedia and Wikia founder on Feburary, 19 2008. Students and instructors related to the subject from various universities in Ankara as well as professional people were invited to take part in the event. I and a couple more friends and instructors from my M.A. program were invited as well.

The conference started with Jimmy Wales’ speaking for about 30 minutes, talking about what Wikipedia is, how it works and the logic behind (mentioning what open-source and open-content are), how it is funded and other general information. One interesting thing he said about Wikipedia was that he called it a system where people can access “the sum of all human knowledge” freely. Personally, I have found this quite exaggerated. Then Wales talked about his ad-supported commercial project Wikia.

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I didn’t really have much rest during the semester break. Had to think on formulating a dissertation problem/title, had some work at the university, and other personal stuff that sucked the life out of me for a while (you know, when people make you say ‘enough of this crap!’). It also has to do with one week less break compared to my previous university. But at least this is fun, anyway.

I have been thinking on what courses to choose from those which are offered this semester. I also have been thinking on how to do my choices: courses that will aid my dissertation and my future academic carreer, or things that I enjoy to do. This doesn’t mean I took courses that will be a burden, but I wish I could take six courses and actually cope with them all. But this is sort of out of question for now.
Anyway, I am taking these courses this semester:

  • Body Movement and Vision in Immersive and Interactive Media II
  • Image Time and Motion II
  • Mass Media and Visual Technologies
  • Issues and Problems in Contemporary Art II

I don’t have syllabi for these courses yet. But roughly (and as far as I know), the first course is on computer aided art forms from a critical and theoretical point of view focusing on collaboration/collaborative digital arts mainly. Image Time and Motion II will be a continuation on the previous course I have taken on fall semester. It will be an extended course covering certain concepts (such as telepresence), .net art and digital media and art forms in general in the discussions of new media.

Mass Media and Visual Technologies will focus on the transformation of vision through time, especially with mass media and certain technologies that have appeared recently – with a point of view of media theories and philosophy in general. And lastly, Issues and Problems in Contemporary Art II will hopefully be a course that will deal with contemporary philosophy and theory focusing mainly on Deleuze and Guattari.

Looks cool, isn’t it? I am pretty happy with my courses this semester and already have ideas for some projects.

I submitted my last research paper on January 17th and my very first semester as a graduate student ended.

I have to admit that it was a lot more challenging then I anticipated.  The amount of stuff I had to read and write was crazy.  But, as I got used to, it gradually became easier to catch up with readings, etc as well.

As much as I love my MA program, campus life and all that… The people in the same program as I am, those I take courses with, and other people that I met in the meanwhile including my lecturers… You are just awesome people.

A big thank you, hugs, kisses, etc to Firat, Elif, Linda, Irem, Ahmet and Berk for being such great people and friends that made the semester so much fun. And, big thank you and hug to B., who made the last few weeks terrific for me, though ze doesn’t know this, yet.


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