BrightkiteBrightkite is a new social networking site that is currently under limited/private-open beta testing. It is apparently made by Twitterers for Twitterers.

I had the chance to get a beta invite to see what is going on. The idea is this: You pick/update your current location by selecting it from a map (powered by Google Maps) or you can type in a location and it will find that location on the map. What then? Well, your friends will be alerted when you are nereby, you’ll (supposedly) get to know new people that are near where you are as well. I haven’t checked the site in detail yet, but it seems like nearby companies will also be sending out stuff that might get you mad. If you are in US, you can also send out text messages from your mobile phone to update your place, alternative updating methods are email and the web. It can also auto-update your place on Twitter.

Like Twitter, the site also lets you know when your friends are nearby (through text messages or other means I don’t know yet) or you can see where your friends are on a world map.

See some screenshots here, and see the end of this post for an invitation to the private beta.

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