I didn’t really have much rest during the semester break. Had to think on formulating a dissertation problem/title, had some work at the university, and other personal stuff that sucked the life out of me for a while (you know, when people make you say ‘enough of this crap!’). It also has to do with one week less break compared to my previous university. But at least this is fun, anyway.

I have been thinking on what courses to choose from those which are offered this semester. I also have been thinking on how to do my choices: courses that will aid my dissertation and my future academic carreer, or things that I enjoy to do. This doesn’t mean I took courses that will be a burden, but I wish I could take six courses and actually cope with them all. But this is sort of out of question for now.
Anyway, I am taking these courses this semester:

  • Body Movement and Vision in Immersive and Interactive Media II
  • Image Time and Motion II
  • Mass Media and Visual Technologies
  • Issues and Problems in Contemporary Art II

I don’t have syllabi for these courses yet. But roughly (and as far as I know), the first course is on computer aided art forms from a critical and theoretical point of view focusing on collaboration/collaborative digital arts mainly. Image Time and Motion II will be a continuation on the previous course I have taken on fall semester. It will be an extended course covering certain concepts (such as telepresence), .net art and digital media and art forms in general in the discussions of new media.

Mass Media and Visual Technologies will focus on the transformation of vision through time, especially with mass media and certain technologies that have appeared recently – with a point of view of media theories and philosophy in general. And lastly, Issues and Problems in Contemporary Art II will hopefully be a course that will deal with contemporary philosophy and theory focusing mainly on Deleuze and Guattari.

Looks cool, isn’t it? I am pretty happy with my courses this semester and already have ideas for some projects.


And they say machines cannot really have emotions. Bullshit!

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Sometimes I feel doomed because weird things happen to me and not other people.

The other day, I bought a couple of albums from my fave music store. I went back home to find that one of the CDs in a double-CD album is missing. What are the chances of this to happen?

What’s more… A couple of years ago, I bought a Queen album.  I unsealed it, and saw a CD writing Blue on it. Well, I didn’t know the boyband Blue then, and both the album cover and CD was black. So I didn’t really doubt. I put the CD in the player, and OMGWTFBBQ?

I got both albums replaced… But you know, why me?

Netvibes Ginger - My UniverseI haven’t posted this earlier but I have been using Netvibes Ginger. It is still a closed-beta and I was lucky enough to get an invite to test it out before it goes public. If you don’t know Netvibes yet, you can check out my earlier post.

As you might already know, Ginger is the social-networking version of Netvibes, and allows you to create a public page (called a universe) in addition to the private one. You can send the tabs from your private page to your universe.  With this new social version, you can also get other’s tabs from their universes to your private/public pages. No need to mention the ‘adding friends/followers’ bit.

This is pretty cool, as social bookmarking requires you to visit the pages one by one. But with Netvibes, you can see the feeds and read them without really leaving the page – saves quite a lot of time and energy.

Anyway, I am currently adding sites that have syndication from one of our course blogs named Slow Motion to my universe at netvibes.com/radiognome. Please ignore the stuff that I added to test the functions of Ginger and be sure to check out the film related feeds if you are into them. It’s a bit messy right now as there are way too many feeds but it should get sorted soon.


Angular Momentum

Angular Momentum from xkcd.

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This uncertainity is killing me, and that’s it.

I submitted my last research paper on January 17th and my very first semester as a graduate student ended.

I have to admit that it was a lot more challenging then I anticipated.  The amount of stuff I had to read and write was crazy.  But, as I got used to, it gradually became easier to catch up with readings, etc as well.

As much as I love my MA program, campus life and all that… The people in the same program as I am, those I take courses with, and other people that I met in the meanwhile including my lecturers… You are just awesome people.

A big thank you, hugs, kisses, etc to Firat, Elif, Linda, Irem, Ahmet and Berk for being such great people and friends that made the semester so much fun. And, big thank you and hug to B., who made the last few weeks terrific for me, though ze doesn’t know this, yet.


I don’t procrastinate. It is my way of being – my essence.  I have written on this earlier – in Turkish.  Just wanted to list my favorite procrastinating pass-time activities here, especially at times when I am writing a paper or something:

  • Check mails often (Yes, the response is ‘define often!’ Twice every minute, or 3 times every 10 minutes… It depends, really. Long live Gmail Manager)
  • Check mails even more (self-explanatory)
  • Write walls-of-text mails to people – the content does not really matter and it doesn’t have to be specific to that person the mail is written to.  What matters is the activity of writing the mail (certain conditions apply)
  • Look for new music scattered in 4 drives and hundreds of different directories (tends to happen when I am too lazy to listen to a whole album. Great pass-time it is to find the right music to listen to)
  • Worrying about deadlines (Not really. If i really worried about them, I wouldn’t leave them to the very last second, would I? But saying “oh my god, enough of this crap” might be one)
  • Open my instant messaging software to see who is online although I know I won’t be talking to anyone
  • Check server and site statistics, recent visitors, referrers, and so on. Ah, and cleaning the spam comments (2011 and counting, as of now)
  • Check WordPress admin panel to see if there are new version of the plugins I’m using (Not that I’m going to update them to the latest version right away)
  • Click on certain bookmarks on Firefox Bookmark Bar (Netvibes, last.fm, and Facebook. The problem is I tend to click on the next one before even waiting for one page to load. This does not apply to Netvibes)
  • Write posts like this one on this blog, and many more.

I click on “Check mail now” button once again and publish this post.

Quote of the day:

“Opinions are like assholes: Everyone’s got one.”

aka, two more days to go till I finish the semester.

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“No small art is it to sleep: it is necessary for that purpose to keep awake all day.”

So, good night.

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