Yesterday, Dr. Daniela Reimann published a post titled “8 ways your ipod can help you be a better student” written by Heather Johnson.  Dr. Reimann has comments disabled so I’m posting here.

The guide is written in a very let’s-think-oh-yes-there-is-this-too kind of way and it’s disturbingly wrong.  So, you can avoid unnecessary (!?) trips to the library by listening to a audio version study guide of The Great Gatsby, eh?  Why not read the novel on time?  Do you really think study guides can ever substitute reading the novel or the short story?

Also, how does an audiobook replace reading? I declare this person who has written this has never and ever read a book, has never made research on anything at all. Are reading and listening the same thing?

These online-this-and-that consultant people are easy with what they talk.

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