Just learnt this interesting web service from Kevin and got an invitation to the alpha testing.  Seesmic is said to be “Twitter but with video” and apparently the flow of responses are intense.

So, you want a  invitation?

Leave a comment that makes sense, and I’ll send you one to the email you provide.  First come, first served.

Yesterday, Dr. Daniela Reimann published a post titled “8 ways your ipod can help you be a better student” written by Heather Johnson.  Dr. Reimann has comments disabled so I’m posting here.

The guide is written in a very let’s-think-oh-yes-there-is-this-too kind of way and it’s disturbingly wrong.  So, you can avoid unnecessary (!?) trips to the library by listening to a audio version study guide of The Great Gatsby, eh?  Why not read the novel on time?  Do you really think study guides can ever substitute reading the novel or the short story?

Also, how does an audiobook replace reading? I declare this person who has written this has never and ever read a book, has never made research on anything at all. Are reading and listening the same thing?

These online-this-and-that consultant people are easy with what they talk.

Arthas\' Frostmourne ReplicaOk, I’m trying hard to keep this blog as a non-nerdy place. If you are following my social bookmarks (right and a little down), you’ll see that there are quite a lot of gaming-related links. However, I try pick interesting links – not game-related but mostly related to gaming-culture.

Here’s one of them… A real-life replica of Arthas’ Frostmourne sword (an in-game sword) has been sold for $20,700. Some Italian guy with the nickname Xeophonix. This is a very big, stainless steel with leather grip and microchip blah blah blah sword.

The news on this auction by Wired Magazine is also interesting, check out the excerpt: “For those not up on their Warcraft lore, Arthas was a virtuous Paladin before taking up Frostmourne to protect his land from the rampaging undead. While it served that purpose, it also had the side effect of twisting his noble values and turning him into a megalomaniacal Death Knight.” Ooh ok, it’s all clear now.

Go check out the detailed images of the sword here. While you are on it, also check out the interview with the frontman of the band Cannibal Corpse, who talks on the game World of Warcraft: “It’s just a game! Just a fucking game!”

I have been planning to post this for a long time, but I have been postponing due to laziness and other stuff. So, unless you have seen this so far, here it is:

Ugliest Website

This site is made for the Ugliest Website Building Competition organized by Hostgator – also my hosting company. Find the website filled with frames and animated background images and lame design here. If you lived the age of Geocities, then you know this one!

For the course Image, Time and Motion II, instructed by Andreas Treske, we will be having seminars until the end of the semester. In this course related to new media, I will be doing my seminar on blogging. So, apart from academic papers and the previous thoughts I have, I thought it would be good and useful to collect raw data from bloggers and blog readers.

The first one is intended for bloggers (people who write). Please find the survey here.

The second one is intended for both bloggers and those who read blogs. Please find this one here, and please fill both if you are a blogger.

Please try to be as sincere as possible. Thanks for your patience and collaboration.

Letting Go @ xkcd

I wish letting go was this easy. This is so witty, I love it.

Letting Go at xkcd.

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Micro-blogging (or tumble-logging) has become pretty popular thanks to platforms like Tumblr, Jaiku, Cromple and especially Twitter. Google’s acquisition of Jaiku is also a sign that blogging is switching to what’s called micro-blogging, where each post is like a status update of what you are doing or at least shorter posts than you see on traditional blogs. What makes these blogs popular is that you no longer have to worry about the look and spelling, and most importantly content of your posts. They are not to publish content, rather, they function as a way to be updated about what your friends are doing (Tumblr might be an exception to this).

Tumblr is a simplified (idiot-proof?) blogging system, which encourages you to post media along with your posts with an easy interface. Jaiku, Cromple and Twitter, on the other hand, work similar to each other. They allow you to view an ever-changing public timeline (meaning, what all other users are doing, which gets updated any second). Jaiku and Twitter also allow you to update your status with your mobile phones through text messaging.

As for WordPress;
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I have been making fun of this phenomenon for a while among friends. People, who advertise on various forums for making “Web 2.0 logos” cheered me up even more. For sure there is a new trend in design on the web but it is funny to see how people talk about Web 2.0 reduced to a matter of mere design. I am no designer nor I understand the meaning of colors or typography in designing pieces. However, this Web 2.0 color pallette have been taking my attention for a while. The Flickr Pink, Netvibes Green, Last.fm Red, Twitter Cyan, Digg Blue and many more… Comparing to these, WordPress administration panel did not really have this Web 2.0 effect. After seeing the latest not-yet-released WordPress 2.5 administration panel colors, I did a quick Google search to see if I can find anything written on this in general. Web is huge, and I wasn’t really surprised to find tons of several sites talking about these.

The following is from the beta WordPress 2.5 administration panel. Click the image to see in higher quality version.

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MacBook Air Disassembled

Folks at iFixit has recently posted photos of a disassembled MacBook Air.  You can check out more photos at iFixit.  Looks cool, isn’t it?

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Netvibes Ginger - My UniverseI haven’t posted this earlier but I have been using Netvibes Ginger. It is still a closed-beta and I was lucky enough to get an invite to test it out before it goes public. If you don’t know Netvibes yet, you can check out my earlier post.

As you might already know, Ginger is the social-networking version of Netvibes, and allows you to create a public page (called a universe) in addition to the private one. You can send the tabs from your private page to your universe.  With this new social version, you can also get other’s tabs from their universes to your private/public pages. No need to mention the ‘adding friends/followers’ bit.

This is pretty cool, as social bookmarking requires you to visit the pages one by one. But with Netvibes, you can see the feeds and read them without really leaving the page – saves quite a lot of time and energy.

Anyway, I am currently adding sites that have syndication from one of our course blogs named Slow Motion to my universe at netvibes.com/radiognome. Please ignore the stuff that I added to test the functions of Ginger and be sure to check out the film related feeds if you are into them. It’s a bit messy right now as there are way too many feeds but it should get sorted soon.


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