Ben ve lisansüstü programdan arkadaşım Fırat dalga geçerek günün gazetesini okuyoruz. Dikkat ederseniz haberler genelde çok kötü yazılıyorlar ve bu şekilde okumaya eğiliminiz varsa oldukça komik oluyorlar – bir şeyleri çok ciddiye alan birisi değilseniz. Fırat’la olan konuşmalarımız da genelde bu şekilde, böyle bir bilinç-akışıyla gidiyor.

Bu videoyu ofisimizde çektik, tavan oldukça yüksek olduğundan ve içerisi oldukça boş olduğundan ses bir miktar yankı yapmış. Bir süre genişekran/16:9 olan bu videoyu Quicktime’da encode etme problemi yaşadıktan sonra sorunu hallettim ve birkaç ufak tefek montajla bu hale getirdim.

*: Videoda yanıtı var.

[FYI: The video is in Turkish] I and Firat – a friend from grad school – is reading the news on the newspaper in a mocking way. News are written very badly if you pay attention and they are quite funny if you have that tendency or unless you are someone who takes things really seriously. This is sort of how our speech goes with Firat, with this kind of stream of consciousness.

We shot this in our office; because the ceiling is quite high and the office is quite empty, there is some echo in the sound. After having some problems with widescreen/16:9 encoding, I solved the issues by playing with the settings manually, and with a couple of editing I came up with this.

This is Zazu. He is a couple of weeks old and was found by Irem, a friend of mine from grad school. The story of Zazu is interesting: When Irem came back home, her dog Duduk was barking to an old stove (that uses coal) that has been in her house’s entrance-ish garden. She took Duduk home thinking that the cat will leave when it feels safe. But Duduk wasn’t really comfortable and kept barking late at night. So she decided to have a look, got everything in the stove out in 2 AM and found this little kitty covered with ashes – too much of them, our hands kept becoming black whenever we petted the poor kitty. She took him to a vet in the morning and brought it to her office in the university to find him a home. Zazu was either traumatized or was too tired and sleepless – he didn’t do much all day. But our instructor, Zafer Aracagok, who took him home, said Zazu even started to discover the house in his first hours there – after a long day of moving here and there.

We all loved Zazu. This is his first video recordings shot at Uptown Bistro on Bilkent University campus.

This is my first video post and my first attempt in videoblogging. The video quality isn’t really good due to my lack of knowledge of video compression and all that (edit: bitrate is increased now). Also, although I tried every guideline I’d found, I couldn’t really make it deinterlaced (fixed now). The editing isn’t superb but I think this is not bad for a first timer (yes, this is my very first video editing, so treat me fairly :) ). So, what do you think? About the cat? About the video?

Quick update (longer versions will hopefully follow, depending on my postponing and procrastination mood):

I got myself a camcorder, a Canon MVX4i (Optura 600 in the US) and will hopefully post some videos very soon – once I properly learn how I should encode my videos and more importantly how to properly edit them. The reviews of the camcorder as well as those who are using it were pretty positive for this camcorder. So, after considering other models and other brands, I gave a shot for this one. And actually it doesn’t matter much as I can’t evaluate it myself, I just tried to get the best for that price. But anyway, it’s a very compact player that I can carry with myself most of the time. So expect “hahaha do that and get published on the internets!” videos. I’m a total noob when it comes to these kind of stuff (which is actually surprising for people, who think I’m a geek): the other day, when I first started playing with the camcorder, it took me like 5 minutes to figure out the place of the button that should start the recording. Then I decided to go reading the manual (as always, RTFM). Then when I opened the camcorder and saw nothing on the LCD, I was like wtf?! until I realized that the lens cap was in its place.  I will post a small review (um, not a review… More like ‘hey check it out!’ kind of post with photos and all.

If you need help getting started videoblogging and any other related thing (WordPress and videoblogging, encoding, publishing, syndicating, etc), take a look at Show in a Box, where you can find experienced users and very well prepared tutorials.

Also, I got myself a very itsy bitsy theremin that waits to be assembled. I will hopefully post a video of this one very soon, once I got time. Actually been waiting my camcorder to assemble it – so I should do that very soon because I’m curious with what I can do with that little thing. In the meanwhile, check this and this video and other related ones on Youtube to see what theremin can do. My little one (uh, that was nasty) won’t be able to do those kind of tricks as it’s a pretty simple one, but what the heck.

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It was a real fast weekend… ish.

I and a friend got into some quite tough job (we’re not complaining but just saying that it’s tough) and in the meanwhile we got to know the great (!) person Shirley from Institute of Network Cultures and some other MA students and other people – Minka, Mariska (or the girl with funny gestures – the description I had in my mind until I finally understood the real name in a less noisy place), Roos, Derek – I am not sure about the spelling and the pronunciation of their names but this was how I called them during the time I was with them.

As a sidenote, people REALLY should make programs of things properly, so you don’t miss things like Processing workshops.

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Tell that it sucks?

To be drunk? To be in love? To have a lot of things to do the next day? And have little energy?

It’s this weather – and her – that’s killinf (excuse the alcohol for the typo) me. But she’ll never and ever and never and ever and so on know this.

They say it’s not called alcoholism until graduation.

My question is, is it also valid for graduate studies or is it just when you are an undergrad student?



At any rate, on Sunday (postponed from Tuesday to Sunday, can you believe that?) I met with the friend with whom I am going to make a presentation on Deleuze and Guattari’s “November 28, 1947: How do you make yourself a body without organs” from A Thousand Plateaus. It’s pretty fun text and all. [I could put the Dogon Egg image but I like this rhizomes one better]. Anyway, we spent almost 7 hours reading paragraph by paragraph, or I should say, word by word – spending like half an hour on some of the paragraphs to discuss. It was a very useful way of reading a text to be honest (I should do it more often). But nonstop 7 hours is quite a lot for me. But anyway; we thought that doing the presentation the way we did the reading (gotta shrink it of course) would be fun.

Including the one tomorrow, I have two presentations to make, a seminar to be done early next week, and a couple of stuff to write in like five days. Not that it’s undoable or tiring – I would prefer some air.

Failing to reach the expectations is neither sad nor important.  What is bad is the realization that not much has changed in your life when you wake up the next morning, after you have reached your expectations.

How pathetic.

One of my instructors was abroad for two weeks (that was a month ago) and we had make up courses for three weeks. Three more hours for the course, every week. Sleeping a total of ten hours in three days, trying to read 200 pages (a week) of contemporary philosophy for a single course.  I am not complaining, pushing your limits is a good way to see what you can actually do if you have to.

I have also been making up for the non-consumed alcohol and cigarettes.  For some reason, I am very much into alcohol abuse, ah, and also cigarette abuse if there is such a thing. There are quite a lot of things I abuse actually. Maybe, not abuse but things that I exceed my limits.

And this post is written just to mark this day, for those who understand what I actually mean here.

Just came back from the concert in Ankara, Turkey. Garbarek’s music is too melodic for my taste but it was still a splendid concert. Manu Katché was marvellous! I don’t know who the substitute bassist for Eberhard Weber was, but he was pretty good as well (actually, it’s just me being too irritated on the solo sound of fretless bass). Anyway, the band were Jan Garbarek, Manu Katché, <bass guy> and Rainer Brüninghaus.

Here are some fresh photos taken in low light with a bad-ass camera from quite far.

Jan Garbarek Group - 1 Jan Garbarek Group - 2

Jan Garbarek Group - 3 Jan Garbarek Group - 4

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