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I haven’t posted anything for a while. Partly because I have been busy and also because I have been slacking on quite a lot of things.

The semester has ended like a month ago, this means I’ll start writing my dissertation in the coming academic year.  For the first time in my university career, I received a GPA of 4, which is great news. Also, I started to take intensive French courses from the summer school but I think I have made a mistake, as I don’t have much energy left to study at home after 5 hours of French everyday.  And the other stuff that I have to do and the hot weather doesn’t really help. C’est difficile!

Other than that, I quit smoking last Saturday. So, it has been a week. I have handled it quite well with few nicotine deficiency attacks (or whatever they are called), and I’m pretty well at the moment.

Anyway, off to studying French now so that I can go out tonight.

Body without Organs

My room is a mess. I’ve found a small screwdriver somewhere near my desktop computer, and I put it between the pages of A Thousand Plateaus.

It was only after I put the screwdriver, I realized the significance. I shouldn’t do think of significances though.

Last night, while I was in bed, I remembered this short story titled “Scene” from the collection Suburban Sketches by William Dean Howells. I am not really a fan of realist writing but for some reason I had the imagery of this little short story in my mind, for some reason. I don’t do this and I actually try not to associate words with images – can images ever substitute words? Anyway, this collection of short stories depict the suburban life of people in Old Charlesbridge, and “Scene” is about a young women who drowns herself. She is found dead by the community, who are pretty curious to see what had happened. One of the townspeople says “It was the best thing she cuold do,” creating a story in his mind. The narrator responds: “Upon this answer that literary soul fell at once to patching himself up a romantic story for the suicide, after the pitiful fashion of this fiction-ridden age, when we must relate everything we see to something we have read. He was the less to blame for it, because he could not help it; but certainly he is not to be praised for his associations with the tragic fact brought to his notice.”

Anyway, after this brief introduction, I’d like to quote what I really like about this piece:
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Son iki günü İstanbul’da geçirdim. Ben ve yüksek lisans programından arkadaşlarım Fırat, İrem, Linda ve Özlem ile bir cağdaş dans performansını bahane edip bu yolculuğu ayarladık. Daha keyifli ve rahat olduğundan trenle gitmeyi tercih ettik. Trenleri ve özellikle raylardan gelen sesleri çok seviyorum. Neyse, yemekli vagonda içkilerimizi içtikten sonra birkaçımız, en son vagonun orada yere çöküp şarap içmeye başladık. Bu sırada çok ilginç ve hatta tuhaf bir DDY görevlisiyle de tanıştık (Özlem pek sevmedi kendisini, ben de sevdim denemez ama ilginç biriydi işte). Daha sonra ben uyuyanlara katıldım.

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Quick update (longer versions will hopefully follow, depending on my postponing and procrastination mood):

I got myself a camcorder, a Canon MVX4i (Optura 600 in the US) and will hopefully post some videos very soon – once I properly learn how I should encode my videos and more importantly how to properly edit them. The reviews of the camcorder as well as those who are using it were pretty positive for this camcorder. So, after considering other models and other brands, I gave a shot for this one. And actually it doesn’t matter much as I can’t evaluate it myself, I just tried to get the best for that price. But anyway, it’s a very compact player that I can carry with myself most of the time. So expect “hahaha do that and get published on the internets!” videos. I’m a total noob when it comes to these kind of stuff (which is actually surprising for people, who think I’m a geek): the other day, when I first started playing with the camcorder, it took me like 5 minutes to figure out the place of the button that should start the recording. Then I decided to go reading the manual (as always, RTFM). Then when I opened the camcorder and saw nothing on the LCD, I was like wtf?! until I realized that the lens cap was in its place.  I will post a small review (um, not a review… More like ‘hey check it out!’ kind of post with photos and all.

If you need help getting started videoblogging and any other related thing (WordPress and videoblogging, encoding, publishing, syndicating, etc), take a look at Show in a Box, where you can find experienced users and very well prepared tutorials.

Also, I got myself a very itsy bitsy theremin that waits to be assembled. I will hopefully post a video of this one very soon, once I got time. Actually been waiting my camcorder to assemble it – so I should do that very soon because I’m curious with what I can do with that little thing. In the meanwhile, check this and this video and other related ones on Youtube to see what theremin can do. My little one (uh, that was nasty) won’t be able to do those kind of tricks as it’s a pretty simple one, but what the heck.

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BrightkiteBrightkite is a new social networking site that is currently under limited/private-open beta testing. It is apparently made by Twitterers for Twitterers.

I had the chance to get a beta invite to see what is going on. The idea is this: You pick/update your current location by selecting it from a map (powered by Google Maps) or you can type in a location and it will find that location on the map. What then? Well, your friends will be alerted when you are nereby, you’ll (supposedly) get to know new people that are near where you are as well. I haven’t checked the site in detail yet, but it seems like nearby companies will also be sending out stuff that might get you mad. If you are in US, you can also send out text messages from your mobile phone to update your place, alternative updating methods are email and the web. It can also auto-update your place on Twitter.

Like Twitter, the site also lets you know when your friends are nearby (through text messages or other means I don’t know yet) or you can see where your friends are on a world map.

See some screenshots here, and see the end of this post for an invitation to the private beta.

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It was a real fast weekend… ish.

I and a friend got into some quite tough job (we’re not complaining but just saying that it’s tough) and in the meanwhile we got to know the great (!) person Shirley from Institute of Network Cultures and some other MA students and other people – Minka, Mariska (or the girl with funny gestures – the description I had in my mind until I finally understood the real name in a less noisy place), Roos, Derek – I am not sure about the spelling and the pronunciation of their names but this was how I called them during the time I was with them.

As a sidenote, people REALLY should make programs of things properly, so you don’t miss things like Processing workshops.

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Tell that it sucks?

To be drunk? To be in love? To have a lot of things to do the next day? And have little energy?

It’s this weather – and her – that’s killinf (excuse the alcohol for the typo) me. But she’ll never and ever and never and ever and so on know this.

If Google doesn’t return anything when you search for your name or your pseudonym (nickname, username, etc), you don’t exist.

Edit: Pf, I hate it when I write with no care.

They say it’s not called alcoholism until graduation.

My question is, is it also valid for graduate studies or is it just when you are an undergrad student?


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