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I have recently assembled a new desktop, and after a while, I started to experience VPU recover issues in a certain game. Let me start with my computer specs first:  Asus P5Q Deluxe motherboard, Kingston Hyperx 2x 1 gb RAM 1066 MHz (KHX8500D2/1G), Intel Core2 Duo E8500 CPU, and a HIS HD4850 IceQ4, and all of these backed by a OCZ 500W Modxstream PSU (doesn’t beat my previous Enermax Liberty, but I can’t be bothered with removing it from my previous desktop now) in a Enermax Chakra case.

Before I start, I must say I am not completely an expert on the subject though I’m quite experienced with such issues.  So, I might neglect some aspects when writing this. While most of these information here is already available on the web, it is mostly scattered among pages and they might be hard to reach with improper keywords. But still, let’s get started:

So, what is VPU recover? It is a feature in ATI software that let’s the GPU (graphics processing unit) to restart itself when it faces a problem and stops responding that would otherwise freeze the computer if it didn’t restart. So, if you don’t have this selected in your Catalyst Control Center settings, then your PC is likely to freeze with a blank screen. First of all, this isn’t an error itself; rather the outcome of an error that has occured. VPU Recover let’s you continue your work without causing you lose the work you are working on, or whatever.

Then, what causes the GPU to stop responding? There might be a couple of reasons. The generic reply you will get from ATI/AMD is the following:
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