This is Zazu. He is a couple of weeks old and was found by Irem, a friend of mine from grad school. The story of Zazu is interesting: When Irem came back home, her dog Duduk was barking to an old stove (that uses coal) that has been in her house’s entrance-ish garden. She took Duduk home thinking that the cat will leave when it feels safe. But Duduk wasn’t really comfortable and kept barking late at night. So she decided to have a look, got everything in the stove out in 2 AM and found this little kitty covered with ashes – too much of them, our hands kept becoming black whenever we petted the poor kitty. She took him to a vet in the morning and brought it to her office in the university to find him a home. Zazu was either traumatized or was too tired and sleepless – he didn’t do much all day. But our instructor, Zafer Aracagok, who took him home, said Zazu even started to discover the house in his first hours there – after a long day of moving here and there.

We all loved Zazu. This is his first video recordings shot at Uptown Bistro on Bilkent University campus.

This is my first video post and my first attempt in videoblogging. The video quality isn’t really good due to my lack of knowledge of video compression and all that (edit: bitrate is increased now). Also, although I tried every guideline I’d found, I couldn’t really make it deinterlaced (fixed now). The editing isn’t superb but I think this is not bad for a first timer (yes, this is my very first video editing, so treat me fairly :) ). So, what do you think? About the cat? About the video?

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  1. elif vargı
    09 May 08

    zazuuu is soooooooooooooo cuteeeee!!!!

    video blogun hayirli olsun, Allah rsslerine, feedlerine, widgetlarina, dwarflarina, fortexlerine zeval vermesin..

    seni internetten kimse alikoymasin…

    bu arada ceiling catimizi de odada kucuk karanlik bir cekmeceye hapsetmissin..zazu iyi guzel de, bizim kedimiz n’olacak?
    internetten aldin diye mi eziyet ediosun hayvana? cikar onu ordan…

  2. Markus Sandy
    09 May 08

    Nice post. Welcome to the vlogosphere and the showinabox group.

  3. Cheryl
    10 May 08

    I don’t notice deinterlace problems. I think your video looks great. The editing is good too – it’s minimal and so it does not get in the way of the story you are telling. Glad to see your post over on the forum. Happy vlogging!!

  4. alper
    10 May 08

    Hey Cheryl,

    Thanks for your kind words, I’m trying to learn and actually switched to Sony Vegas in the next video (which is currently on the site) and it really turned out to be better for me but I had some problems arranging transitions but it doesn’t look bad I think.

    As for interlaced video, I actually managed to get rid of it in the end, and changed the video with the new one which has increased bitrate as well. Thanks again.

  5. I think your video looks great, and I agree with the above comments. You’ve done a really nice job!

    I couldn’t help but be drawn to that kitty’s eyes. She looks a bit scared still, but content. I think she’s hoping she’s found a good home:)