At any rate, on Sunday (postponed from Tuesday to Sunday, can you believe that?) I met with the friend with whom I am going to make a presentation on Deleuze and Guattari’s “November 28, 1947: How do you make yourself a body without organs” from A Thousand Plateaus. It’s pretty fun text and all. [I could put the Dogon Egg image but I like this rhizomes one better]. Anyway, we spent almost 7 hours reading paragraph by paragraph, or I should say, word by word – spending like half an hour on some of the paragraphs to discuss. It was a very useful way of reading a text to be honest (I should do it more often). But nonstop 7 hours is quite a lot for me. But anyway; we thought that doing the presentation the way we did the reading (gotta shrink it of course) would be fun.

Including the one tomorrow, I have two presentations to make, a seminar to be done early next week, and a couple of stuff to write in like five days. Not that it’s undoable or tiring – I would prefer some air.

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