Arthas\' Frostmourne ReplicaOk, I’m trying hard to keep this blog as a non-nerdy place. If you are following my social bookmarks (right and a little down), you’ll see that there are quite a lot of gaming-related links. However, I try pick interesting links – not game-related but mostly related to gaming-culture.

Here’s one of them… A real-life replica of Arthas’ Frostmourne sword (an in-game sword) has been sold for $20,700. Some Italian guy with the nickname Xeophonix. This is a very big, stainless steel with leather grip and microchip blah blah blah sword.

The news on this auction by Wired Magazine is also interesting, check out the excerpt: “For those not up on their Warcraft lore, Arthas was a virtuous Paladin before taking up Frostmourne to protect his land from the rampaging undead. While it served that purpose, it also had the side effect of twisting his noble values and turning him into a megalomaniacal Death Knight.” Ooh ok, it’s all clear now.

Go check out the detailed images of the sword here. While you are on it, also check out the interview with the frontman of the band Cannibal Corpse, who talks on the game World of Warcraft: “It’s just a game! Just a fucking game!”


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  1. Swords
    03 Feb 09

    What’s wrong with nerdy? We nerds make the most money and eventually get the hottest women, right?

  2. this is awesome. I play WOW – but I’m a business professional – and not a nerd by any means. I love fantasy, adn sci-fi but not a nerd. wish I could buy this sword.

  3. brandon
    26 Oct 09

    fuck no way to expensive

  4. f u nerds u could get this in ebay for like 20 dollors all yal nerds o and they finish alone and with theyre computers their whole life all girls nerds have are nerd girls or golddiggers

  5. Pooya
    05 Oct 11

    Well we can wait for chinese version of this sword i guess will be 10 $ :)) Good luck every one