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It was a real fast weekend… ish.

I and a friend got into some quite tough job (we’re not complaining but just saying that it’s tough) and in the meanwhile we got to know the great (!) person Shirley from Institute of Network Cultures and some other MA students and other people – Minka, Mariska (or the girl with funny gestures – the description I had in my mind until I finally understood the real name in a less noisy place), Roos, Derek – I am not sure about the spelling and the pronunciation of their names but this was how I called them during the time I was with them.

As a sidenote, people REALLY should make programs of things properly, so you don’t miss things like Processing workshops.

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Tell that it sucks?

To be drunk? To be in love? To have a lot of things to do the next day? And have little energy?

It’s this weather – and her – that’s killinf (excuse the alcohol for the typo) me. But she’ll never and ever and never and ever and so on know this.

If Google doesn’t return anything when you search for your name or your pseudonym (nickname, username, etc), you don’t exist.

Edit: Pf, I hate it when I write with no care.

They say it’s not called alcoholism until graduation.

My question is, is it also valid for graduate studies or is it just when you are an undergrad student?


Track: Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten
Artists for this track: Staatorchester Stuttgard (Conductor: Dennis Russell Davies)
Composer: Arvo Pärt
Album: Tabula Rasa
Label: ECM

You have to be on the terrace, on the top of a building. You should be close enough to the city to hear the some default noise of the city and far enough to let you hear and feel the music. Pärt’s “Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten” starts playing, you close your eyes, stretch your arms both sides so that strings can circulate on and fully fill your body. You raise your head to the sky (eyes still closed), and immerse yourself even more in the music.

There… you have made your little machine.

I lol’ed so hard watching this one! And yes! Lounge is a metal genre!

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Kraftwerk top

I started writing something about Kraftwerk on 14 April 2006. The post started with the above image but continued in Turkish (which is now deleted).

To free up my ‘drafts’ and to share this awesome photo from Kraftwerk, I decided to post this. Beautiful image isn’t it?


At any rate, on Sunday (postponed from Tuesday to Sunday, can you believe that?) I met with the friend with whom I am going to make a presentation on Deleuze and Guattari’s “November 28, 1947: How do you make yourself a body without organs” from A Thousand Plateaus. It’s pretty fun text and all. [I could put the Dogon Egg image but I like this rhizomes one better]. Anyway, we spent almost 7 hours reading paragraph by paragraph, or I should say, word by word – spending like half an hour on some of the paragraphs to discuss. It was a very useful way of reading a text to be honest (I should do it more often). But nonstop 7 hours is quite a lot for me. But anyway; we thought that doing the presentation the way we did the reading (gotta shrink it of course) would be fun.

Including the one tomorrow, I have two presentations to make, a seminar to be done early next week, and a couple of stuff to write in like five days. Not that it’s undoable or tiring – I would prefer some air.

Arthas\' Frostmourne ReplicaOk, I’m trying hard to keep this blog as a non-nerdy place. If you are following my social bookmarks (right and a little down), you’ll see that there are quite a lot of gaming-related links. However, I try pick interesting links – not game-related but mostly related to gaming-culture.

Here’s one of them… A real-life replica of Arthas’ Frostmourne sword (an in-game sword) has been sold for $20,700. Some Italian guy with the nickname Xeophonix. This is a very big, stainless steel with leather grip and microchip blah blah blah sword.

The news on this auction by Wired Magazine is also interesting, check out the excerpt: “For those not up on their Warcraft lore, Arthas was a virtuous Paladin before taking up Frostmourne to protect his land from the rampaging undead. While it served that purpose, it also had the side effect of twisting his noble values and turning him into a megalomaniacal Death Knight.” Ooh ok, it’s all clear now.

Go check out the detailed images of the sword here. While you are on it, also check out the interview with the frontman of the band Cannibal Corpse, who talks on the game World of Warcraft: “It’s just a game! Just a fucking game!”

Failing to reach the expectations is neither sad nor important.  What is bad is the realization that not much has changed in your life when you wake up the next morning, after you have reached your expectations.

How pathetic.

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