I didn’t really have much rest during the semester break. Had to think on formulating a dissertation problem/title, had some work at the university, and other personal stuff that sucked the life out of me for a while (you know, when people make you say ‘enough of this crap!’). It also has to do with one week less break compared to my previous university. But at least this is fun, anyway.

I have been thinking on what courses to choose from those which are offered this semester. I also have been thinking on how to do my choices: courses that will aid my dissertation and my future academic carreer, or things that I enjoy to do. This doesn’t mean I took courses that will be a burden, but I wish I could take six courses and actually cope with them all. But this is sort of out of question for now.
Anyway, I am taking these courses this semester:

  • Body Movement and Vision in Immersive and Interactive Media II
  • Image Time and Motion II
  • Mass Media and Visual Technologies
  • Issues and Problems in Contemporary Art II

I don’t have syllabi for these courses yet. But roughly (and as far as I know), the first course is on computer aided art forms from a critical and theoretical point of view focusing on collaboration/collaborative digital arts mainly. Image Time and Motion II will be a continuation on the previous course I have taken on fall semester. It will be an extended course covering certain concepts (such as telepresence), .net art and digital media and art forms in general in the discussions of new media.

Mass Media and Visual Technologies will focus on the transformation of vision through time, especially with mass media and certain technologies that have appeared recently – with a point of view of media theories and philosophy in general. And lastly, Issues and Problems in Contemporary Art II will hopefully be a course that will deal with contemporary philosophy and theory focusing mainly on Deleuze and Guattari.

Looks cool, isn’t it? I am pretty happy with my courses this semester and already have ideas for some projects.

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