Track: Raccolto
Artist: Stefano Battaglia
Album: Raccolto
Label: ECM

Stefano Battaglia is an Italian pianist and composer. And this is the album that introduced him to me – what great coincidence. I fell in love with his music. Actually I wanted to post a track from his Re: Pasolini album but I am still waiting for a replacement for that.

Anyway, Raccolto is the first track from the same titled album. It doesn’t really describe the album as a whole, as the album is mainly improvised and atonal, and Raccolto should not really hurt inexperienced ears. But… What great piano this is! Soft and moving, together with the double bass that slowly develops behind.

This is a kind of music that appeals to the body as a whole, and it is beyond my vocabulary to explain this (Alper, Dr. Lacan wants to see you).


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