Netvibes Ginger - My UniverseI haven’t posted this earlier but I have been using Netvibes Ginger. It is still a closed-beta and I was lucky enough to get an invite to test it out before it goes public. If you don’t know Netvibes yet, you can check out my earlier post.

As you might already know, Ginger is the social-networking version of Netvibes, and allows you to create a public page (called a universe) in addition to the private one. You can send the tabs from your private page to your universe.  With this new social version, you can also get other’s tabs from their universes to your private/public pages. No need to mention the ‘adding friends/followers’ bit.

This is pretty cool, as social bookmarking requires you to visit the pages one by one. But with Netvibes, you can see the feeds and read them without really leaving the page – saves quite a lot of time and energy.

Anyway, I am currently adding sites that have syndication from one of our course blogs named Slow Motion to my universe at Please ignore the stuff that I added to test the functions of Ginger and be sure to check out the film related feeds if you are into them. It’s a bit messy right now as there are way too many feeds but it should get sorted soon.


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