I submitted my last research paper on January 17th and my very first semester as a graduate student ended.

I have to admit that it was a lot more challenging then I anticipated.  The amount of stuff I had to read and write was crazy.  But, as I got used to, it gradually became easier to catch up with readings, etc as well.

As much as I love my MA program, campus life and all that… The people in the same program as I am, those I take courses with, and other people that I met in the meanwhile including my lecturers… You are just awesome people.

A big thank you, hugs, kisses, etc to Firat, Elif, Linda, Irem, Ahmet and Berk for being such great people and friends that made the semester so much fun. And, big thank you and hug to B., who made the last few weeks terrific for me, though ze doesn’t know this, yet.


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  1. Elif
    20 Jan 08

    Asil ben tesekkur ederim, benim girgirimi cektigin icin :)))
    sevioz seni len..

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