Youtube banned in TurkeyYes, once again. It was first banned around a year ago, on March 7, 2007 – which was lifted two days later.

This is again a DNS-based ban, so it is no big deal to pass the ban. But, as you know, that’s not the point. is still banned, and probably this new ban on Youtube will get nice mainstream press coverage, so it will be lifted again.

<sarcasm>But you know, we should do better. I personally want a Turkish version of The Great Firewall of China. I want a new Turkish Google that pre-filters search results for me. Who would want to google the word ‘****’ anyway?</sarcasm>

Ah, and Turkish Telecom is probably happy now: a lot less bandwidth use, more profit and less users whining about the slow internet.

EDIT: Check out this post for latest news.

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  2. […] from advertisements when users type’s address wrong. The ban, like the old ones on Youtube and WordPress, is DNS-bansed – which means it is easy to pass the ban by changing the DNS […]

  3. onur
    01 Jun 08

    june2008 my goverment ban youtube again and much more website, they are also banned. turkish telekom doing it illegally and we have no other choise…

  4. A.S.
    29 Jun 08

    Even shoutcast is banned among hundreds of others in Turkey. Unfortunately we don’t have any other choice than Islamic government controlled Turkish Telecom. Every one in three sites result in a ban message page. Greatest wall ever….