I don’t procrastinate. It is my way of being – my essence.  I have written on this earlier – in Turkish.  Just wanted to list my favorite procrastinating pass-time activities here, especially at times when I am writing a paper or something:

  • Check mails often (Yes, the response is ‘define often!’ Twice every minute, or 3 times every 10 minutes… It depends, really. Long live Gmail Manager)
  • Check mails even more (self-explanatory)
  • Write walls-of-text mails to people – the content does not really matter and it doesn’t have to be specific to that person the mail is written to.  What matters is the activity of writing the mail (certain conditions apply)
  • Look for new music scattered in 4 drives and hundreds of different directories (tends to happen when I am too lazy to listen to a whole album. Great pass-time it is to find the right music to listen to)
  • Worrying about deadlines (Not really. If i really worried about them, I wouldn’t leave them to the very last second, would I? But saying “oh my god, enough of this crap” might be one)
  • Open my instant messaging software to see who is online although I know I won’t be talking to anyone
  • Check server and site statistics, recent visitors, referrers, and so on. Ah, and cleaning the spam comments (2011 and counting, as of now)
  • Check WordPress admin panel to see if there are new version of the plugins I’m using (Not that I’m going to update them to the latest version right away)
  • Click on certain bookmarks on Firefox Bookmark Bar (Netvibes, last.fm, and Facebook. The problem is I tend to click on the next one before even waiting for one page to load. This does not apply to Netvibes)
  • Write posts like this one on this blog, and many more.

I click on “Check mail now” button once again and publish this post.

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  1. Sarapci
    17 Jan 08

    Alper, if you need further help, you might wanna try feeddemon.