I have been spending more time on my blog – it’s my main source for procrastination these days. I got a lot I should start doing though. Anyway, you won’t recognize probably, but I have made a couple of small changes to the site. I made a auto-redirection rule so that any user coming from an old bookmark/link will be able to find what s/he is looking for.When I used to write in Turkish, I had /etiket/ that handles my tags. Now any /etiket/query will be redirected to /tag/query. Also, just for fun and for my own use, I added a plugin that will let visitors from their PDAs and mobile phones to browse the site with a mobile-friendly theme. Ah, and I corrected some glitches within the theme, removed the unnecessary burden in the SQL database, and just made the 404 Not Found page more user-friendly – it now helps users to find the content they are looking by showing them the ways to search and browse.

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