Doctors on TVWas passing by the TV and saw this Turkish series called Doktorlar (meaning Doctors) – an E.R. remake for the Turkish audience. Anyway… Because a research paper I’ll be writing (well, I should have been almost done with it so far, but that’s another story) is sort of related to the emergence of doctors in media (and vice versa). So, I stopped by to watch a little.

The title of this post is from the same titled book by Anne Karpf. The book is slightly related to my subject, so I didn’t really read it. But in one chapter, she says that doctors in dramas are all-clean/white although they are constantly in contact with blood. And, quoting from Foucault, they have great command of their (power/)knowledge and profession. They see a patient and boom, “it is this and that, so we do these and those.” How lame…

Ah, and also, in this series Doktorlar, there is the use of fast camera movements… How lame again. Ok, we understand that you are working in a fast-paced job, and all that. But is it so easy to create this meaning? Just by making the camera run around like crazy? The problem is, the dialogues and the actions that should match the camera movements don’t really match. The speed of the camera just doesn’t fit to the action. Sucks big time.

One thing she quotes from an actor is that these doctors “provide blood without violence.” Not sure if the actor knows about Aristotle, but that’s a direct reference to him.

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