G.ho.st DesktopThis website called G.ho.st has received the Silver Award at Le Web 3 ’07 Conference in Paris, and many other awards from other places. I browsed the site out of curiosity and oh my god!

G.ho.st offers a virtual computer accessible from your favorite browser (users say that does not really work good on IE performance-wise), click on the image on the left to see. It uses the familiar (resizable!) window metaphor operating system. It includes a web browser that can either directly connect to your sites or by using G.ho.st’s proxy (looks pretty capable). A mail client that you can use to check all your POP3 mail boxes and handle calender/contact needs.

Additionally, it comes with 3 gigs of storage, which is accessible from FTP (just ftp g.ho.st with your username and password, and that’s it) and allows you to share them on the web. A seperate 3 gigs email quota, which is also accessible from POP3/IMAP. What is good is, you are not forced to login to G.ho.st’s virtual computer to check your mails. You can just go to the webmail service to check them and make the web-based software handle all your POP3 mail needs. It works like any other desktop mail client. In other words, ou can make it check any other POP3 mails and all your mails will be at one place accessible anywhere from the internet. Ah, and a fancy username@g.ho.st email address.

G.ho.stA MP3 player, which can play the files you uploaded to your storage, customizable desktop, instant messaging software. Moreover, you can view and edit your office application files. Youtube, Flickr, feed reader (which is ‘dockable’ on your desktop), a couple of widgets and many more features that I am yet to discover. Ah and, you can use G.ho.st virtual computer in many languages.

Check it out! Highly recommended.

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