Track: Jericho (lyrics)
Artist: Das Ich
Album: Satanische Verse
Label: Danse Macabre

Das Ich is a German band that makes something in between these: darkwave, electronic, EBM, industrial, gothic, etc. They usually use distorted vocals and awesome minimalist music, which is hard to find in all these commercial electronic music industry.

This song “Jericho” is from one of their early albums Satanische Verse, which also includes famous songs like “Gottes Tod.” Anyway, “Jericho” is a very theatrical song, which successfuly conveys the psychological depth embeded in the vocals and the piano and minimalist ambient background. You don’t need to understand German in order to be moved away by this song. Stop listening to the lyrics and listen to the music as a whole – how it forms sounds that form images.

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