NetvibesI have been a fan of about:blank as my browser homepage. Recently a friend (thanks Emin) told me about netvibes, which has become my main page. The site has the slogan of (re)mix the web. And it does what it says.

You got a lot of websites that allow syndication/feeding (RSS/Atom, etc) but they are a lot in number and it’s hard to keep track of them? And Google Reader or feed reader software does not have enough usability to provide this?

NetvibesNetvibes allows you to keep track of your favorite sites and help you with being updated with them. The customizable main page of the site allows you to add tabs under which you can put as many feeds or widgets. You can view local weather, check your emails (webmails or POP, etc), do web/video/etc search inside this window and so on. Just go check it out and you’ll love it!

Netvibes is the ajaxed Web 2.0 cutie!

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  1. Emin
    09 Dec 07

    And they have a new release (ginger) coming out soon. Looks great with facebook-like features.

  2. alper
    10 Dec 07

    that looks great, i was wondering about how they could integrate user interaction into netvibes.

    lets hope it won’t get out of control. i personally don’t want 100 friends suggesting me new stupid sites. the feeding bit is an idiot-eliminator though, that should help. hehe

  3. […] I haven’t posted this earlier but I have been using Netvibes Ginger. It is still a closed-beta and I was lucky enough to get an invite to test it out before it goes public. If you don’t know Netvibes yet, you can check out my earlier post. […]