It just pisses me off when friends mock and complain that I can’t come out anytime I want. Ok, I am quite a lazy guy and going out is the hardest thing to do for me sometimes. I procrastinate a lot as well.

But I can’t just have classes only and hang out the other times. I have got a lot of things to read and write. When I say this to them, the answer I get is “yeah right.”

Social sciences/humanities aren’t like any other area of study. It requires a lot of time spent personally for researches and writing.  Most of the time, even if I am not reading or anything, I think for new ideas and try to construct the things I will do.

People just don’t realize how much time I need to write a proper paper. And I would gladly be in their shoes so they can see how time consuming, mind numbling, soul leeching a work this is.

I feel so pissed.


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