30 Days of NightIf you know me or checked the blog a little to see the earlier posts on movies you must have recognized I’m into horror movies. But I don’t have much expectation from these movies as it’s just “more blood, more fun” principle. There are great examples of movies in this genre too for sure such as Dellamorte Dellamore.
So, anyway… I went to see 30 Days of Night last night. I didn’t have much expectations actually – as most people who vote for these new movies on IMDB or any other site are usually people, who like blockbusters etc. But for this movie, there were two sides: those who say “omg this movie rocks” and others “damn, this is sh*t!” So I thought this was another stupid horror movie with lots of shock sound effects and scenes. But it turned out to be the opposite – well, of course there were a couple of those.

This is a typical vampire movie with a few changes. The first thing I noticed was that the movie focuses quite a lot on the vampires themselves. For sure, these are not zombies, who are brainless, nor these are female seductive vampires. In short, in this kind of a movie, you don’t expect this much focus on the vampires, and I think what makes this movie good is that we see vampires talk among themselves (yes, they have a language!), pose their own ideas and communicate with the human species. This is probably because the vampire leader is a well-known actor – Danny Huston. Another note about him is, I was watching the movie with my girlfriend and she literally found him attractive. Well, and I found the woman vampire leader pretty attractive – but that’s me and my bizarre taste. This is interesting as well – while watching vampire movies, who have kinda deformed bodies covered with blood, how many times do you end up finding them sexy? Anyway, Here’s the trailer of the movie:


Another thing is, we don’t have the typical vampires with fangs and all that. As I hinted earlier, we got a pretty socialized group of vampires – and they are careful with birthcontrol as well. They don’t want everyone to turn into vampires and they just kill them. And yes! There is plenty of gore in the movie and this movie does its job in scaring you.

As for the story, I thought some parts were pretty cliché apart from the ending: We still got this poetic justice: polygamic sex-crazed youth dies quick, those who are not good to their families die as well, and only true heterosexual etc etc love and solidarity wins. The visual aspects too: We don’t have this mock dark atmosphere as it is in the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which supposedly makes that movie scary.

But I better not be unfair to 30 Days of Night. Though it is a mainstream horror movie, 30 Days of Night will probably gain cult status in the future with its slow action and nice development of story – just like Near Dark.

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