MusallatI read this in a newspaper a few days ago. According to the news (in Turkish), the filmmakers of the new Turkish horror movie Musallat asked for permission (the regular writing/payment thing) for their film poster to appear at bus stops and billboards in Istanbul. The reply they got was that the nude guy on the poster had sexual connotations and he had to wear something, so they made a censored version

Later news says that it was a joke (again in Turkish) done by some people at the billboard advertising company. If so, then where did those quotes in the news from the transportation section of the municipality come from? I don’t know whether this actually happened, whether the officials had to claim the opposite due to publicity of this news, or whether this was part of marketing the movie.

Interesting thing is that this is a typical patriarchal reaction to the viewing of the male body. Or, rather a fear of eroticization of the male body. After all, according to this male-dominated ideology, man is the looker and women is the looked-at, and you need to separate and maintain these borders.

The filmmakers must have internalized this fact a great deal since the language they use in the news only shows some surprise and not much else – as if they are saying “yeah, you are right.”

Well, the world we live in is pathetic.

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