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Psychosomatic thingy is not the reflection or representation of mind in the body. It is the protest. It is the silent scream or passive resistance of the body. Or I better not say passive resistance – it is when the body becomes passive aggressive. It is when you laugh with anger when people think you are physically sick.

It is the convergence of your body and mind. It is having orgasmic pleasure with all of your body as much as crying as a whole with it. It is preferring to shut up and being able to appreciate silence. It is being able to appreciate and bear things that others can’t. It is difference but not différance. It is deferring only when something bothers you so you can converge your body and mind even more.

It is how you expel yourself each time you throw up.

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Found this German theatrical trailer of this great movie Dellamorte Dellamore on Youtube. Enjoy!


30 Days of NightIf you know me or checked the blog a little to see the earlier posts on movies you must have recognized I’m into horror movies. But I don’t have much expectation from these movies as it’s just “more blood, more fun” principle. There are great examples of movies in this genre too for sure such as Dellamorte Dellamore.
So, anyway… I went to see 30 Days of Night last night. I didn’t have much expectations actually – as most people who vote for these new movies on IMDB or any other site are usually people, who like blockbusters etc. But for this movie, there were two sides: those who say “omg this movie rocks” and others “damn, this is sh*t!” So I thought this was another stupid horror movie with lots of shock sound effects and scenes. But it turned out to be the opposite – well, of course there were a couple of those.

This is a typical vampire movie with a few changes. The first thing I noticed was that the movie focuses quite a lot on the vampires themselves. For sure, these are not zombies, who are brainless, nor these are female seductive vampires. In short, in this kind of a movie, you don’t expect this much focus on the vampires, and I think what makes this movie good is that we see vampires talk among themselves (yes, they have a language!), pose their own ideas and communicate with the human species. This is probably because the vampire leader is a well-known actor – Danny Huston. Another note about him is, I was watching the movie with my girlfriend and she literally found him attractive. Well, and I found the woman vampire leader pretty attractive – but that’s me and my bizarre taste. This is interesting as well – while watching vampire movies, who have kinda deformed bodies covered with blood, how many times do you end up finding them sexy? Anyway, Here’s the trailer of the movie:


Another thing is, we don’t have the typical vampires with fangs and all that. As I hinted earlier, we got a pretty socialized group of vampires – and they are careful with birthcontrol as well. They don’t want everyone to turn into vampires and they just kill them. And yes! There is plenty of gore in the movie and this movie does its job in scaring you.

As for the story, I thought some parts were pretty cliché apart from the ending: We still got this poetic justice: polygamic sex-crazed youth dies quick, those who are not good to their families die as well, and only true heterosexual etc etc love and solidarity wins. The visual aspects too: We don’t have this mock dark atmosphere as it is in the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which supposedly makes that movie scary.

But I better not be unfair to 30 Days of Night. Though it is a mainstream horror movie, 30 Days of Night will probably gain cult status in the future with its slow action and nice development of story – just like Near Dark.

30 Days of Night - 1 30 Days of Night - 2 30 Days of Night - 3 30 Days of Night - 4

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To be honest, I could not think of a better title for this post. Yesterday, I have found this group named Clitrock at, and I got very interested in the idea and the word itself. Before I move onto this clitrock thing, let me try to give some rough information about women and feminist activism music in general, which is not necessarily correct as I am a man and was never part of it (why am I writing about this anyway?).

The movement riot grrl starts within punk (anarcho-punk) and DIY subculture (fanzines, self-financed demo tapes, etc) in late ’80s when women started to make music with lyrics about women’s power, individualism (and all the other opposites of what the male culture exposed onto women) as well as reactions to sexual abuse, etc. You can find better and more organized information at Wikipedia entries on riot grrl and girl power.

Barb WireHowever, this radical movement had to be neutralized (or neutered?) and it also had to be commercialized. Barbie is probably the best example to this though it was release in early ’70s. Barbie represents the new post-babyboom generation and asserts them to consume (think of all the toys you need to buy in order to complete your set) to become individuals (i.e. free). This is similar in Turkish pop singer Nil Karaibrahimgil’s song titled “Pirlanta” (Diamond). She says “tek asimi kendim aldim” (~ “I bought my diamond all by myself/with my own money”) where freedom of women is associated with consumerism. You can watch/listen the song here. Also notice the military march-like bits in the music, which is not arbitrary of course but it’s linked to the power and freedom associated with military (military and freedom make an oxymoron when used together, but you get the idea).

Lara CroftWe can extend the list to this: G.I. Jane, Wonder Woman, Lara Croft, Heavy Metal, Witchblade, Spice Girls (I remember feeling this very notion of female independence as an early teenager when they first appared) or the movie Barb Wire featuring an oversexualized Pamela Anderson.

What the title of this post, which I have postponed until now, connotes is beyond this commercialized and neutered representation of women. Clitrock, as you might already notice is a mixture of the words clitoris and rock. I used the word neutered on purpose to suggest the removal of feminine identity epitomized in women’s genitals in popular culture. Feminist theoreticians such as Kristeva, Irigaray, Cixous said a lot on this from the point of view of psychoanalysis, which I am not going to repeat in detail. But to give an idea; according to them (which makes sense and I believe in this as well), the female body has been represented in writings (Plato’s Cave), and all those visual/filmic representations omit the female genitals because female sexuality is repressed and female genitals disturb the very idea of patriarchy (related to Kristeva’s notion of abjection).

Moving back to this clitrock word: The word reasserts the women genitalia without any further negotiation with mainstream ideology. It is related to what these feminist theoreticians wanted to establish: A way of feminine expression from the female body herself – both a sexual and a textual (textual because they were writing in relation to literature/writing) expression – a sextual one in Cixous’ words. Expression from the female body – with vaginal liquids, menstrual blood, the milk – and everything else the symbolic order -which is male- would feel disturbed.

But as with anything else, as I said concerning post-commercialization/neutering of grrl power era, the word clitrock had to be represented from the male perspective again. As I first saw this on a group as I said, I googled the word to see if it is commonly used. Apart from a few places it was used (which are mostly blog comments or forum posts) all Google search results linked to this group.

Two entries from is “music for lesbians that like to rawk. See Melissa Etheridge” and “A rock band with a female lead singer.” It’s not hard to notice the aggression in the first entry, and the other is simply naive.

Or check out this comment to a Myspace blog post:

The Black Cat has a downstairs bar with pool table where the performers can mix with the patrons; upstairs is an open room with two bars flanking the floor. The stage is (perhaps) three feet off the ground. When I saw a clitrock band there, the sweat from the crazy-ass bassist exhibited a sheen reminiscent of an autumnal fog. The steam rising from her breasts as she bent back under the limelight, corded hands and arms thrumming…


Play the Black Cat!

Not hard to notice how what the word clitrock connotes is eroticized: “some hot chicks playing on the stage.”

Hakan Demiray‘ın bloguna uzun zamandır bakmıyordum. Biraz önce şöyle bir bakınayım derken yaklaşık on gün önce Türkiye Blog Konferansı ’07 adında bir etkinliğin düzenlendiğini gördüm.

Şimdi haberim olduğundan doğrusu çok da bilgim yok ve bu süreci takip edemedim. Ancak konferans programına bakılınca (ki GFxDizayn’dan Yassaman’ın yorumlarda dediği gibi konferanstan çok bir ‘gün’ gibi) çok da ahım şahım bir şeye benzemiyormuş doğrusu.

Hakan’ın da öngördüğü gibi blogging ve pazarlamayı nasıl birleştiririz konferansı olmuş.  Microsoft Türkiye Genel Müdürü’nün yaptığı açılış konuşması da bunu çok açık gösteriyor zaten. Microsoft’un uygulamalarının tanıtıldığı (tanıtmak çok naif bir ifade oldu) bir etkinlik ayrıca. Konferans sunum görüntülerini buradan izleyebilir kararı kendiniz de verebilirsiniz. Etkinliğe Microsoft sponsor olmuş olabilir ve Microsoft MSN Spaces gibi bir blogging (?) platforumuna da ev sahipliği yapıyor olabilir… Ama bu durumun bazı şeyleri meşru kıldığını hiç sanmıyorum. Bir üniversitede bu etkinliği yaparak akademik olduğu imajı da veriliyor elbet.

Bloglar, new media/Web 2.0 ve fazlası hakkında yazılmış/söylenmiş ve yazılabilecek/söylenebilecek o kadar şey varken, adının aksine bu kadar sığ bir etkinlik nasıl yapılabilir, doğrusu çok şaşırdım.

Sonuç olarak, PR etkinliğidir, geçiniz efen’im, ve bir de internet kültürü yanıtıyla UFAIL!

Disk is dead

Found this on the net somewhere. Haha – too bad the disk is dead now…


MusallatI read this in a newspaper a few days ago. According to the news (in Turkish), the filmmakers of the new Turkish horror movie Musallat asked for permission (the regular writing/payment thing) for their film poster to appear at bus stops and billboards in Istanbul. The reply they got was that the nude guy on the poster had sexual connotations and he had to wear something, so they made a censored version

Later news says that it was a joke (again in Turkish) done by some people at the billboard advertising company. If so, then where did those quotes in the news from the transportation section of the municipality come from? I don’t know whether this actually happened, whether the officials had to claim the opposite due to publicity of this news, or whether this was part of marketing the movie.

Interesting thing is that this is a typical patriarchal reaction to the viewing of the male body. Or, rather a fear of eroticization of the male body. After all, according to this male-dominated ideology, man is the looker and women is the looked-at, and you need to separate and maintain these borders.

The filmmakers must have internalized this fact a great deal since the language they use in the news only shows some surprise and not much else – as if they are saying “yeah, you are right.”

Well, the world we live in is pathetic.

Buttons 1Sascha Pohflepp is a British designer, artist and an MA student. Just found this amazing project by him. This is one of the two thesis projects made by him called Buttons. I want to quote directly from him as he’s explaining this wonderfully:

Between Blinks & Buttons is a twofold thesis project about the camera as a networked object. Through making their photos public on the internet, individuals create traces of themselves. In addition to their value as a memory, each image contains a multitude of information about the context of its creation. Through this metainformation, every image is linked to the precise moment in time when it was taken, making it possible to see what happened simultaneously in the world at that instant. This work tries to focus the user’s imagination on that other, to create narratives that run between one’s own memory and a stranger’s moment which happened to coincide in time. (Quoted from)

And also:

Buttons takes on this notion of the camera as a networked object. It is a camera that will capture a moment at the press of a button. However, unlike a conventional analog or digital camera, this one doesn’t have any optical parts. It allows you to capture your moment but in doing so, it effectively seperates it from the subject. Instead, as you will memorize the moment, the camera memorizes only the time and starts to continuously search on the net for other photos that have been taken in the very same moment.

Essentially, it is a camera that – using a mobile communication device – takes other’s photos. Photos that were created by someone who pressed a button somewhere at the same time as its own button was pressed. Even more so, it reduces the cameras to their networked buttons in order to create a link between two individuals. (Quoted from)

Buttons 2In short, when you hit the button on this lensless camera, it fetches a photo taken at the same time the button is hit from Flickr – that is, when a photo becomes available on Flickr: “After a few minutes or hours, depending on how soon someone else shares their photo on the web, an image will appear on the screen.”

What a great idea and what a great project! The camera and the social networking redefined.

Conceptronic CHD3Lan Network Harddisk Landrive Case on the standI had getting a landrive in my mind for a while. When I saw a great bargain on a website a few days ago, I couldn’t resist and placed my order to get Conceptronic CHD3Lan. I received the unit today and wanted to share my experience with it. This is not really a review. More like a photo-review, where you can see what’s inside the device and some details you might not be able to find at other places. Feel free to ask though through comments though.

The drive has USB 2.0 and 100 Mbit fast ethernet connectivity and uses 2882 chipset. What makes the drive great is the built-in FTP and Samba server. So, your files are always accessible not only from your network but also anywhere on the net. The drive uses IDE ATA 133 drives, which I had one spare. After I placed and connected the harddisk, I just (not really just, continue to read) plugged the device to my router with the provided network cable, played with the settings.

In the meanwhile, I wanted to upgrade the firmware of the device but had a problem – familiar firmware upgrade failure, which was my bad. I thought I messed up my landrive that I just bought, but then I found a very easy solution to that. See this page for the solution in case you experience the same. You can also check here for additional files, etc by the same guy.

Though I haven’t tested the Landrive (performance, stability, etc) yet, I didn’t like one thing. This thing has a very noisy 3 cm-ish fan, which doesn’t apparently do much. So, I first unplugged the power cable, then decided to remove the fan to increase air intake a little more. I’m not sure how much the board gets hot but I know the harddisk doesn’t need extra cooling. And, after all, it’s winter now and it shouldn’t really be a problem. Anyway, the box is made up of metal (I think aluminnium) and looks pretty neat (at least it’s not ugly). Another thing that’s handy for me is, my router (which is also an ADSL modem, US Robotics 9106) can use a couple of dynamic DNS sites. In other words, I got a hostname to fix my non-static IP that keeps changing each time my DSL connection resets. This helps my files be accessible everytime I need them. As for the web interface, it’s pretty easy to use. You can check the manual on the downloads section of the official page to see the interface.

Here are some pictures:

Back of the device, not “disassembled,” with the stand Ethernet, USB, Power connectors, LEDs, On/Off button and reset button The board and RDC 2882 chipset

IDE and power cables Fan power cable unplugged The Nasty Fan

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