I spent the weekend in Bodrum – great port town and a must-see at this time of the year! I was on my way back with a friend. Had to visit the toilet often thanks to the amount of alcohol consumption. Seems like drinking not only makes you happy but also helps you make nice coincidences. No, I didn’t make out with a random girl but found this fabolous toilet at the bus station in Bodrum. See for yourself:

Idiot-Proof Toilet #1 Idiot-Proof Toilet #2 Idiot-Proof Toilet

Isn’t it great that they make the function of these objects of use obvious – well, more like idiot-proof. It’s understandable when they do this with usability. But come on! This is just a toilet for fuck’s sake! There are two ways of looking at these signs of course. One is, the way I did. The other is, seeing these as ‘street art,’ ( which is preferabble at this situation. Both ways, it’s hilarious and awesome.

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