WordPress 2.3 has been out for a while and I updated it a few days after the release. Today, I wanted to make a post and realized that there were a couple of changes in WordPress with the new version. So, WordPress now supports tag’ging, and tag clouds. Still lacks a couple of features UltimateTagWarrior has though but UTW isn’t fully functional for 2.3 yet.

From the Import feature found under Manage, you can import UTW tags you have been using so far to your WordPress’ new tag support. You can view a detailed explanation with visuals here. Anyway, in the meanwhile, I also realized WordPress kept giving me an error until I made a theme upgrade – rather a theme that supports 2.3. And found this pretty neat theme named Red Business, which I played around a little.

There are still some glitches on the site at the moment. Like the up ‘about me’ place which needs some text. Also, Extended Live Archives was updated by someone but it there are issues when you want to view the archive page with Internet Explorer (damn browser wars).

Anyway, the site looks neater, doesn’t it?

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