Yeah well… My first week as a graduate student is over. Haven’t really done much (well, nothing at all to be honest) as it was the first week.

The title has a sad smiley… Well, actually its just… You know we students have to complain a lot. But the truth is… The program I’m enrolled in (Media and Visual Studies! yay!) is pretty fun. There are shitloads of reading to do though, which is around 200-250 pages of tough but fun theoratical articles to read.

I was thinking today, especially two of my undergraduate lecturers were pushing us like mad. Making us read tons of stuff and the other just made us write drafts over and over to make them better (the thing is, there is no such thing as perfect – only better). I was complaining then as any other student would do. Well, it’s more like complaining as “pff… anyway, let’s go back to work!” But apparently this will pay off!

Other than that, I love my new campus. I’ve been there loads of times to see friends and to make use of the library but being a student there is a new experience for me. My previous university just sucked when it came to campus-life: even no proper cafes to have proper food during the day. Now I go get my coffee, go in the office-like classroom in the mornings. While this may sound trivial, it’s really different – I finally feel like a university student.

Anyway, I got a few other stuff in mind to write about these days but let’s hope I won’t end up lazy again.


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