Ok… I’ve been planning on transferring all my archive on CD’s and DVD’s to my harddisk for easier access and for safety (as those media don’t have much lifespan).

The internal capacity of my computer wasn’t helping so I needed a new hard disk. After some research, I went ahead and bought this external drive.  I came home with the drive, set it up and started transferring files. System hang… Ok, I reset and start again. Another hang. Is something wrong with the drive? So I did a slow format, etc. Again, another Windows freeze.

Then I remembered that there was a new BIOS for my mobo: “Fixed an issue where the system sometimes hangs when copying large files.” This might fix… So I made a backup of my current bios and then on with the update process. The ABIT online BIOS updater software was supposed to clear CMOS. I restarted the computer after update process.

WTF? No signal coming to my screen – computer isn’t booting! “Ok, take it easy…” Cleared CMOS and was able to boot finally. I loaded my previous settings that were saved to BIOS. No luck with the boot again. Recleared CMOS, changed some settings, and reboot.. Ok, everything seems fine.. What the heck? Ah, forgot to reset my RAID0 settings, so going back to BIOS. Uh, won’t boot again (because BIOS updated DMI? settings…).

So I clear CMOS again, unplug all the drives other than the RAID0 ones. Make all settings manually again (damn, that’s a lot of tuning). And it finally boots… And no more hangs while copying hitloads of files to the external drive.

God, I hate so much when the computer creates some stupid problem…

By the way, the drive seems to work fine and has satisfactory performance for a USB drive.

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