The title of this post is from a friend’s IM text, which read “Am I an M.A. student now?” It is sort of a rhetorical question, but also includes some personal surprise, indecision, etc.

Anyway, this week, I registered to my new university for M.A. (Master of Arts) in Media and Visual Studies. I also picked a few possible courses for this semester. I have only added two of those yet. Two more coming when I talk to the lecturers and get some detailed info other than course description.

So… Let’s see… :)

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  1. T. Murat BOYRAZ
    14 Sep 07

    I recall this title somewhere.I am very happy to hear you are an M.A. student at the moment. I wish you’ll be happy to be there while studying Media and Visual Arts.

    By the way, I miss drinking some white drink with alcohol in it.

    Congratulations Alper!!!

    Happy to hear this.

  2. alper
    14 Sep 07

    Tolga ;)

    I told you before summer to let me know when you come here! I’m this | | close to being an alcoholic and haven’t drank anything with you – unbelievable :)

    Thanks for your kinds words, and (f’ing) keep in touch!