A view from myself :)I am not much of a traveller, partly because I hate the time passed in a bus and hours of travel in it. Also, vacation in Turkey means: you go to a seaside town, meaning its a swimming and sunbathing break. I was expecting this summer to be the same.

Anyway, I went to a little place called Titreyengol – 5 km to Side in Antalya, (southern) Turkey. The problem with those places is its very hot. And when I say hot, I mean hot. However, Side was a bit different because there was non-stop wind from the south (that is, towards the shore) making it almost impossible to swim but making the weather bearable.

Before I went to Side, I made some quick google search and found out that the place is built on an ancient city (more info on the link to Wikipedia at the top). First of all, it is very interesting that civilizations (rather places to live) are built on each other: you won’t really see an ancient city center thrown to the outside of a contemporary city. This is (as far as I know) because the needs of people are the same regardless of time and civilization: Lydians, Persians then Alexander the Great, Romans and many other civilizations once lived in and ruled Side.

So… I don’t have much else to write about my vacation. I’ve uploaded a few photos to my new Flickr page. They are not that good quality since they were shot at night without a tripod and at very low light, and I didn’t want to visit the city in the morning because of the hot weather as I told. Also, if I did that, I’d feel terrible – as a photo-blog journalist wannabe. You see another photo taking from my point of view of the shore – and yes that is my foot.

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