In the previous post, I told that I was going to write about what happened in the last few months.

In short, I was pissed most of the time. I think this is what happens to all soon-to-graduate university students. So, hell yeah, I graduated and got my B.A. degree in American Culture and Literature. Moreover, I graduated as a valedictorian (big epeen here!) :)

I want to continue studying (that is, doing M.A. and then Ph.D) so I applied to a couple of master’s programs: Media and Visual Studies at Bilkent University, Cultural Studies at Sabanci University and two more at Hacettepe University. I primarily applied to those two to keep my parents silent after some debates about my future career.

Anyway, although i applied and paid around 100$ of application fee to Hacettepe, I didn’t enter the written exam and the interview they make. But the good news is; I got accepted with a scholarship to both Bilkent and Sabanci (whohoo). I made my decision on Bilkent because the program there appeals to me a lot more. Another reason was Sabanci sent the invitation letter about a month after Bilkent did, and I already told Bilkent I was coming home.

So, in short, I’ll be continueing my study at Bilkent.

Some stuff happened in my personal life as well, but screw them for the moment… Anyway, it’s so damn hot in Ankara, Turkey these days. I usually go out once or twice a week (so surprising of me) – one day being drinking raki and chatting with friends. This ritual also started to include playing Counter Strike before drinking. I know it sounds nerdish, but hey, it’s fun :)

Other than that, I continue to play World of Warcraft at nights for raiding. We are currently at Serpentshrine Cavern and downed Hydross last night – The Lurker next.

Since Grounded for Life and Everybody Loves Raymond are no longer broadcasted here, I watch Spin City. The series ended in 2002 but it’s still fun to watch it although Michael J. Fox no longer stars. I always forget to watch Simpsons though since its shown once a week.

There are of course a lot more that happened but it’s all for now. I always paid attention to my language while I was writing this blog in Turkish. This post is also somehow grammatically and blahblah-tically correct. So, excuses if this looks like a college essay. Should be better over time :)

see ya!

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  1. Nera
    07 Aug 07

    Lol np m8, my english sux ass more than urs :D

  2. alper
    07 Aug 07

    ah, well I also need a better site name then “alper’s hideout”

    I added this as a filler and it looks kinda lame :) Any suggestions? :)

  3. Nera
    11 Aug 07