Ok… It has been a long break – since I last wrote stuff on my blog – for me. The main reason being my web hosting company screwed up my site while moving the whole server to a new one. The unlucky me (as usual) was out of town and could not verify whether my files were successfully moved. In short, all my files – the huge theme editing/customization I did and all images I posted are gone poof. Hopefully, I later learnt that the MySQL database was there, so at least I got all the stuff I wrote in the last one and almost a half year back.

Anyway, so I’ll be updating my blog from now on, with one major change though. I won’t be writing in Turkish as I did earlier. The main reason being I can’t be arsed to translate the whole theme to Turkish. This doesn’t mean I’ll never ever use my mother tongue, but the main language will be English (one less native-language-blog in the blogosphere, as if someone cares).

So, this is the story so far. I’ll be writing what happened in the last few months (well, slightly) in the next post. Also, I have to make some customizations to this site as well, like updating my movie review addon and so on.

So, hello world!, again.

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  1. alper
    08 Aug 07

    Hopefully I had some backups on my computer. No customized themes but at least those images taken from movies and all that stuff… I think I lack images for a few posts only now. Also added some stuff, like a last.fm integration, tag clouds, an archive page, etc… Almost there!

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