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Well, Cannibal Corpse is one of the most famous and hardest death metal bands out there. I found this Youtube movie a while ago. It’s fucking hilarious! Also take a look at this one from a German TV show called  Deutschland sucht den Superstar.


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Wordpress censored in TurkeyLike ten days ago, I learnt that one of the leading free-blogging services was blocked in Turkey. Censoring certain sites in Turkey is not something new: On March 7 2007, in a court case, Turk Telekom (leading DSL provider – well, the monopoly of internet in Turkey) had to ban with the pretext that the site included videos disrespectful to Ataturk – the founder of Turkish Republic. The ban was removed two days later (probably due to all that press/online publishing pressure).

As for the ban, after a few days the ban was lifted. [You can read details of this and comments to it here] However, when I wanted to check again, I saw it is still inaccessable. When it was first banned and it was lifted after, we learnt that the ban was again DNS based (meaning you can avoid it by using non-Turk Telekom DNS’s but the average user won’t know these) and it was a mistake: they wanted to ban but they instead banned the whole site.

Now, I see the ban is still in its place and also a Turkish lawyer (or whatever) sent a letter to WordPress staff.

Well, this is crap!

A view from myself :)I am not much of a traveller, partly because I hate the time passed in a bus and hours of travel in it. Also, vacation in Turkey means: you go to a seaside town, meaning its a swimming and sunbathing break. I was expecting this summer to be the same.

Anyway, I went to a little place called Titreyengol – 5 km to Side in Antalya, (southern) Turkey. The problem with those places is its very hot. And when I say hot, I mean hot. However, Side was a bit different because there was non-stop wind from the south (that is, towards the shore) making it almost impossible to swim but making the weather bearable.

Before I went to Side, I made some quick google search and found out that the place is built on an ancient city (more info on the link to Wikipedia at the top). First of all, it is very interesting that civilizations (rather places to live) are built on each other: you won’t really see an ancient city center thrown to the outside of a contemporary city. This is (as far as I know) because the needs of people are the same regardless of time and civilization: Lydians, Persians then Alexander the Great, Romans and many other civilizations once lived in and ruled Side.

So… I don’t have much else to write about my vacation. I’ve uploaded a few photos to my new Flickr page. They are not that good quality since they were shot at night without a tripod and at very low light, and I didn’t want to visit the city in the morning because of the hot weather as I told. Also, if I did that, I’d feel terrible – as a photo-blog journalist wannabe. You see another photo taking from my point of view of the shore – and yes that is my foot.

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In the previous post, I told that I was going to write about what happened in the last few months.

In short, I was pissed most of the time. I think this is what happens to all soon-to-graduate university students. So, hell yeah, I graduated and got my B.A. degree in American Culture and Literature. Moreover, I graduated as a valedictorian (big epeen here!) :)

I want to continue studying (that is, doing M.A. and then Ph.D) so I applied to a couple of master’s programs: Media and Visual Studies at Bilkent University, Cultural Studies at Sabanci University and two more at Hacettepe University. I primarily applied to those two to keep my parents silent after some debates about my future career.

Anyway, although i applied and paid around 100$ of application fee to Hacettepe, I didn’t enter the written exam and the interview they make. But the good news is; I got accepted with a scholarship to both Bilkent and Sabanci (whohoo). I made my decision on Bilkent because the program there appeals to me a lot more. Another reason was Sabanci sent the invitation letter about a month after Bilkent did, and I already told Bilkent I was coming home.

So, in short, I’ll be continueing my study at Bilkent.

Some stuff happened in my personal life as well, but screw them for the moment… Anyway, it’s so damn hot in Ankara, Turkey these days. I usually go out once or twice a week (so surprising of me) – one day being drinking raki and chatting with friends. This ritual also started to include playing Counter Strike before drinking. I know it sounds nerdish, but hey, it’s fun :)

Other than that, I continue to play World of Warcraft at nights for raiding. We are currently at Serpentshrine Cavern and downed Hydross last night – The Lurker next.

Since Grounded for Life and Everybody Loves Raymond are no longer broadcasted here, I watch Spin City. The series ended in 2002 but it’s still fun to watch it although Michael J. Fox no longer stars. I always forget to watch Simpsons though since its shown once a week.

There are of course a lot more that happened but it’s all for now. I always paid attention to my language while I was writing this blog in Turkish. This post is also somehow grammatically and blahblah-tically correct. So, excuses if this looks like a college essay. Should be better over time :)

see ya!

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Ok… It has been a long break – since I last wrote stuff on my blog – for me. The main reason being my web hosting company screwed up my site while moving the whole server to a new one. The unlucky me (as usual) was out of town and could not verify whether my files were successfully moved. In short, all my files – the huge theme editing/customization I did and all images I posted are gone poof. Hopefully, I later learnt that the MySQL database was there, so at least I got all the stuff I wrote in the last one and almost a half year back.

Anyway, so I’ll be updating my blog from now on, with one major change though. I won’t be writing in Turkish as I did earlier. The main reason being I can’t be arsed to translate the whole theme to Turkish. This doesn’t mean I’ll never ever use my mother tongue, but the main language will be English (one less native-language-blog in the blogosphere, as if someone cares).

So, this is the story so far. I’ll be writing what happened in the last few months (well, slightly) in the next post. Also, I have to make some customizations to this site as well, like updating my movie review addon and so on.

So, hello world!, again.

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